[Can hairy crabs be eaten without washing?

]_ Can you eat it?

[Can hairy crabs be eaten without washing?
]_ Can you eat it?

We all know that crabs are animals that live in water, either river water or sea water.

In life, this type of food is intolerable, because the nutritional value of crabs is not only very high, but the taste is also very popular.

Of all the crabs, hairy crabs are the ones that most often appear on people’s tables.

So the question is, can hairy crabs be eaten without washing?

Aquatic products may be stained with mud or other aquatic weeds and sediment in the lake water. It is recommended to wash them before cooking.

First, how to clean crabs: Because raw crabs are difficult to clean, they can bite people, and they love moving, so we have to faint it gently. The method is very simple. Prepare a pot of warm water, about 45-50 seconds, becauseThe water temperature is high, the crab feet and tongs will know, presumably some people who have cooked crabs will be aware of this, and this will not burn the crabs directly, affect the nutrition and taste of the crabs, put the crabs in warm waterIn the water, about 3-5 minutes, the crab is not moving.

If the water is 50 degrees, and you are afraid of being hot, you can drain it and prepare a basin of cold water. You also need an old toothbrush. The toothbrushes are very thin and the crabs are clean.

Hold the crab and aim at it, and carefully brush the back, belly and mouth of the crab with a toothbrush. When washing, you can open the faucet and wash while washing to make it cleaner.

Wash both ends of the crab as well as the feet of the crab and the root of the forceps. Be careful not to replace the limbs of the crab.

Align the crab and press it down a few times, then open the crab’s belly cover and squeeze the crab’s excretion from the middle.

Second, crab food: Crabs should not be eaten with sweet potatoes, pumpkin, honey, pears, pomegranates, tomatoes, cantaloupe, peanuts, snails, celery, persimmons, rabbit meat, nepeta; eating cold drinks that are inedible with crabs can cause diarrhea.