Golden Lord took the initiative to come to the door, and Ulan was also invited to play, knowing that the odds were not good

“Golden Lord” took the initiative to come to the door, and Ulan was also invited to play, knowing that the odds were not good
Tanaka Hengcheng (left) is a bad comer, and Ulan knows how to get up.Figure / Team M23 Tomorrow afternoon, Chinese boxer Ulan will challenge WBO flyweight world champion gold belt winner Hengcheng Tanaka in Tokyo, Japan.According to the first-level plan, Ulan originally played his first Golden Belt Challenge next year, which will be slightly smaller than playing away with Tanaka Hengcheng.However, after receiving Tanaka Hengcheng’s invitation, Ulan decided to play this Golden Belt Challenge in advance.According to Lu Xiaolong, the founder of Wuwei’s Quanwei Sihai Company, they received the invitation of Tanaka Hengcheng in mid-October this year.”We have a road map for Wulan to challenge the world champion gold belt. Hengcheng Tanaka is definitely not on this road map.So after receiving the invitation, we can refuse.”Lu Xiaolong said that he and the M23 team promotion person Liu Gang have watched Tanaka Hengcheng’s game on the spot, and he knows Tanaka’s strength very well.Before Tanaka Hengcheng, WBO flyweight world champion gold belt belonged to Kimura Sho.Lu Xiaolong bluntly stated that Tanaka Hengcheng was more horrible than Kimura Sho.Tanaka Hengcheng is currently the only world five-star boxer of 112 pounds. In just 12 games, he got the golden belt at 105 pounds, 108 pounds and 112 pounds.Lu Xiaolong revealed that Ulan ‘s attitude had a long time to consider whether to face the battle, and Ulan ‘s attitude triggered a decisive role in it. “Ulan is very eager to challenge Tanaka.Come out, let us see a completely different Ulan.”In order to prepare for a match, the M23 team invited Pedro Diaz, the famous head coach who helped Xu Can get the world champion gold belt twice, to come back and practice with Ulan in the Philippines for a month.”From the comparison of paper strength, Ulan only has a 20% win rate.If you consider the Japanese home factors again, the winning percentage will actually decrease.”Lu Xiaolong said that although the game with Hengcheng Tanaka disrupted Ulan ‘s road map for the world ‘s golden belt, he believed that Ulan would learn more in this game than they had added up in the past three years, “To become a world-class boxer, this game is the best workout for him.Only after experiencing the cruelest game can he know his flaws and become stronger.”