Women chase men to have a bottom line

Women chase men to have a bottom line

They all say, “Women chase men, they have interlayers.” Even so, female friends must pay attention to the bottom line.

  Time limit: Three months, whether implicit or explicit, give yourself up to three months.

If during this period, he can’t be as good to you as you are to him, can’t say I love you, can’t introduce you as a lover to his friends, in fact he has rejected your love and only enjoy your care.

  Bottom line of behavior: Ambiguous gift giving must have a sound reason, limited to one time; it is best to show off your mind by drinking wine crazy or saying “I like you” in front of everyone.The event has been resigned up to three times (two times can be really overtime, three times if there is something, I don’t want to come).

  Get on the bottom line: Many people create more opportunities to live together in front of everyone, some kind of drag him to your birthday PARTY, travel together with friends.

Give both parties a chance to get to know each other better, and you can see that you are acting reasonably to suggest your love on the right occasion.

Solitary men and widows get along alone. Your suggestion will be saddened once it is rejected, and a man may misbehave against you due to hormonal disorders, which will cause a false appearance of love.