[Can you eat garlic when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Chronic

[Can you eat garlic when pregnant]_Pregnancy_Chronic

During pregnancy, you cannot eat too much irritating food. Garlic is also irritating food. Pregnant women can eat it, but it should not be too much, because eating more will affect the development of the fetus.

Garlic is rich in minerals and vitamins and can be sterilized. Therefore, it is beneficial for pregnant women to consume garlic. It can enhance the body’s immunity and prevent colds.

Can I eat garlic in early pregnancy?

Pregnant women can eat garlic, but they cannot eat more.

Garlic is rich in nutrients, such as protein, trace amounts, sugar, and a variety of minerals and vitamins. It is beneficial for pregnant women to eat some garlic properly.

However, it should be noted that pregnant mothers cannot eat raw garlic, because garlic is strongly irritating, and eating it will cause stomach and heartburn, and will be easily irritated.

The benefits of eating garlic properly for pregnant women?

1. Enhance immune function: Animal experiments show that the fat-soluble volatile oil in garlic can significantly improve the phagocytosis of macrophages and enhance the immune system.

And pregnant women eat some garlic during a cold can also prevent and treat further invasion of the cold virus.

2. Brain-building puzzle: The combination of garlic granules and vitamin B1 in the human body can produce “alliamine”. This alliamine can promote and play the role of vitamin B1, enhance the supply of oxidative oxide, and provide sufficient for brain cells.Energy makes thinking quick.

3, anti-aging: garlic contains protein, traces, sugars, vitamins and minerals, which can prevent blood vessel aging and reduce immunity.

Can I eat garlic in early pregnancy?

During pregnancy, many people said that they must have a reasonable diet and a balanced diet, and some foods are not good for the growth of the fetus. In fact, this is correct, but everyone does not know that some foods are not good for pregnant women, soWe should go online for more information and learn more about this knowledge, so that the health of the oxides.