Civil servant exam interview violates some psychological misunderstandings

Civil servant exam interview violates some psychological misunderstandings

In 2012, the national civil service exam interview work has started one after another, and the students who entered the interview began to face a new round of tests.

Although the number of interviews does not seem to be as large as the number of written examination interchange competitions, and the proportion is so scary, the actual cruelty of the competition is not low at all.

With the continuous standardization and improvement of the examination system for civil servants, the assessment of civil servant interviews has become more and more systematic, the content of interviews has continued to innovate, the difficulty has gradually expanded, and the challenges faced by interview candidates have become increasingly severe.

Huatu Education reminds candidates to avoid the following three points.

  First, the pursuit of perfect anxiety. It is unrealistic to think about the question in a short time during the interview, which is thoughtful and comprehensive.

As long as you can truly express your ideas and present your best side to the examiner is victory.

When conducting the interview simulation for the first time, the thinking angle was single, the language was confusing or even speechless was normal, because the interview preparation was not fully prepared, and the purpose of the simulation was to expose the problem and solve the problem.

It is unwise to blindly pursue perfection or even anxiety when unsatisfactory during simulation.

  This kind of mentality misunderstanding can be compensated by multiple exercises. Usually, when you practice, you have to create a scene for yourself to answer to strangers, instead of talking to yourself.

In this way, we can establish a connection to re-adapt to an unfamiliar environment through multiple exercises, and it is more helpful for us to face the real test scene.

At the same time, we can use the alternative method of hypothesis in the exam, imagine the stressful scene as a relaxed scene, imagine the failure scene as a success scene, imagine the interviewer as an acceptable talker in his heart, and consider the strange environmentConceived as a familiar environment, etc.

These may seem simple, but to do so requires candidates to practice continuously before the exam, and constantly create and adapt to the environment.

  Second, students who have learned to be light and have a good eye. Many candidates who have been interviewed by civil servants said that during the preparation process before the interview, most of them can play well in front of family and friends.With a large group of people such as clerks, supervisors, etc., their brains will become cyanotic, their thinking will be unclear, their articulation will be unclear, and their language logic will be even more chaotic.

This is a consequence of emphasizing the theory and not the expression. Candidates should not only focus on the accumulation of theoretical knowledge when preparing for the interview, rather than forming it into words after simulation, and repeatedly practicing it, and become their own things.

In particular, candidates who are sensitive and easily stressed need to work harder than others in order to prevent a “blank” situation under high pressure.

  Third, rote memorization is the same. In the process of preparing civil servant interviews, many people think that reviewing interviews is of little significance, and devote a lot of time to rote answers to previous interview questions.

Some candidates will take some training courses before the interview, which is very helpful to improve their overall ability.

But if the test taker does not learn and use it, they just memorize it and set the “template” for the answer. They think that they have memorized the templates, and they are foolproof. When they see the translation, they use the template to set it, instead they put their own personalized answersThrown out of the clouds.

What’s worse, when I entered the examination room, I was in a hurry, the template just couldn’t be put on, and I couldn’t even talk.

It is impossible to get high scores because the same answer is too much for the examiner, which will inevitably cause “hearing fatigue”.

  Candidates are advised to apply templates critically to digest and absorb their internal laws. Civil servant examinations are more about comprehensive quality and comprehensive ability. They usually pay more attention to news and current affairs and maintain a wide range of interests.”See you.” The interview preparation is the same. It ‘s longer, and you have practiced a lot. The interview field naturally talks.