Why do newborns always burp?

Causes of Newborn Snoring

Why do newborns always burp?
Causes of Newborn Snoring

The newborn is dominated by abdominal breathing, and the diaphragm is part of the infant’s respiratory muscles.

When a baby feeds too fast or inhales cold air, it causes vegetative nerves to be stimulated, causing the diaphragm to contract suddenly, causing a rapid inhalation and a “beep” sound. When a possible sound is emitted rhythmically, it is called a babySnoring.

But snoring doesn’t just make the baby feel uncomfortable. Moms need to do good nursing work.

So what should a newborn doze?

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  First, the cause of snoring for newborns 1 often occurs immediately after drinking milk. It may be caused by the baby crying frequently or eating too fast when feeding, and swallowing a lot of air.

  2. Sometimes snoring symptoms may occur when the stomach is cold, or when eating cold food.

  3. Other causes are related to gastroesophageal reflux and diseases such as pneumonia, or related to adverse reactions to drugs.

  Some pregnant women may feel their baby burp during the second or third trimester of pregnancy, or they may see their baby burping during the prenatal ultrasound examination.

However, the age at which babies most often experience repeated snoring is still in the first few months of life and usually improves after 1 year of age.

  Baby snoring is caused by a sudden strong contraction of the diaphragm muscles, and it is accompanied by an involuntary “snoring” sound.

Compared with older children, most babies do not seem to feel any discomfort, unless they continue to snoring too long to interfere with normal life such as diet.

  Second, the coup of preventing snoring of your baby1. If the snoring and overflowing milk caused by “gastric esophageal reflux”, you can let your baby stand upright on the adult’s shoulders to exhaust after feeding, and do not let him lie down for half an hour,You can add rice flour or wheat flour after each month to increase the consistency of milk and prevent snoring.

  2. If your baby is snoring because of allergy to milk protein, you can use special formula according to the doctor’s instructions.

  3, usually feeding the baby in a quiet state and environment, do not breastfeed when the baby is too obese and crying fiercely.

  4. Feeding position should be correct. Avoid eating too fast, too fast, too cold or hot.

  5. When the baby is snoring, toys or soft music can be used to divert and attract the baby’s attention to reduce the frequency of snoring.

  6, let the baby take a break in the middle of drinking milk, let the baby stand upright on your legs, and gently pat his back exhaust, avoiding continuous snoring after full belching.

  Third, the solution to the total snoring of the newborn 1. When the newborn is snoring, in order to avoid the baby’s irritability, you can take some fun toys to coax him or her or play some gentle music to divert their attention.This can gradually reduce the frequency of snoring, and slowly snoring will disappear.

  2. Other methods 2.

1. Cold and snoring: first pick up the child, pat his hips gently, feed him some boiling water, and then put a quilt on his belly to ensure the warmth of the abdomen.Plus a warm hand cover, the effect is better.


2. Snoring is normal or the duration is shortened: The mother can sprinkle orange slices in boiling water and wait until the water temperature becomes low before feeding, and the child’s snoring will stop abruptly.


3. Lie flat and snoring after drinking milk: This is mostly due to abdominal inflation. When you drink milk, you push too hard and inhale a lot of air. Your belly will become more and more uncomfortable. It can only be exhausted through burping.Opening your mouth too small can also trigger this.

Slowly, you can carefully massage your baby’s belly to help him exhaust the gas in the belly.


4. Drinking milk too quickly: If it is caused by drinking milk too fast, you can pick up the baby and grasp the soles of the feet, so that he will cry, his diaphragm will stop contracting, and his snoring will stop naturally.