Yoga helps reduce infertility

Yoga helps reduce infertility

Dallas News reports from the United States that about 20% of American couples have difficulty getting pregnant.

Many people are hoping for a choice of prescription drugs or to spend a little surprise.

But there is another way, without expensive, it is worth trying.

  Malika Burman and her husband tried to conceive for 8 months.

She said: This is really a painful thing, failing to get pregnant and uncomfortable, and don’t understand why.

  A prescription drug 6 weeks ago finally helped her succeed.

Burman Youth Yoga Exercise is now keeping you healthy during pregnancy.

  Some people say that practicing relaxation techniques like yoga can help couples expecting pregnancy.

MandyPerez, who also practices yoga, said: What you learn from yoga is to relax with the fetus, and the healthy tone just relaxes.

Yoga also promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Posture can help balance hormones and stimulate and enhance reproductive performance.

  Burman said: If the element of the problem is worry, yoga will help.

  Harvard researchers tested the theory a few years ago.

Women who are becoming pregnant participate in at least one ten-week program each year.

Plans include relaxation and yoga.

Researchers have found that these women are almost three times more likely to become pregnant than women who are not participating in the program.

  Dr. Michael Putman is a reproductive specialist in Dallas.

He knew the research, but he didn’t trust it enough.

He said: This is a very low-level study and is therefore of no value.

  Dr. Putman added: He sees complications from yoga, especially for couples who are stressed about pregnancy.

Yoga can provide tranquility, hope, and optimism.

  He said: But there is evidence that doing yoga is better than doing any other exercise.

He added: It cannot treat reproductive problems.

  He said: “I wonder if the emergency measures will provide any real treatment. We know it can reduce stress, but we also know that it is not only stress that causes infertility.

Yoga can make this process more active and help them get pregnant.

  For people like Burman and her husband, yoga can be very good.

Burman says yoga gives me hope.