Marriage Story Oscar fiasco, but its display of crisis

“Marriage Story” Oscar fiasco, but its display of crisis
“Marriage Stories” as expected, at the Academy Awards this year, Laura played the female lawyer won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress, but the “widowed sister” regrets to rub the best actressPass by.>>> No suspense!Laura Dunn won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress, Female Lawyer and Actress on her birthday.There are many films and literary works about marriage and death, such as “Marriage Life” directed by Ingmar Bergman, which describes the process of marriage death in a very artistic way.”Marriage Story” is far less artistic than “Marriage Life”, but it is more realistic. From trying to break up peacefully to blaming each other, a couple finally uses a lawyer to “strike out” and hurt each other fiercely.Finally, using the scene of helping my ex-husband to tie shoelaces, I tell you very straightly: Something remains in the smashed marriage story, but I can’t go back anymore.This is almost the same as the content expressed in the elegant and subtle lens of Marriage Life.Are women swallowed up in marriage?It’s not that simple. The protagonists Charlie and Nicole have repeatedly emphasized that they should not use lawyers and want to break up peacefully.But since Nicole contacted the lawyer and started chatting with her, we found that the main reason for her divorce came from her being swallowed up in marriage.Nicole lost almost all of her self in marriage.She wanted to live in New York. Charlie repeatedly promised and promised, but she gave up the opportunity to work in New York for a year and stayed in Los Angeles to develop his drama career.She wanted to be a director, and Charlie always said “next”. As a result, she had always been the heroine of his director’s drama.He did n’t remember her phone number, and asked her to subscribing the income from acting in the theater . People only knew director Charlie, not who Nicole was.When the battle for custody of children became fierce, female lawyers (played by Laura Dunn) wonderfully described the socially demanding role of parents for men and women.For ten years, it has long been accepted that “father is silent, absent, and unreliable,” but requires that the mother “must be perfect.”Stills of “Marriage Story”.The final god of the film: Nicole won the Emmy Award as a director after divorce.It seems to be more proof that “women are swallowed by intimacy”.So this matter is as simple as “marriage engulfs the female self”?We should also notice the age difference between men and women in their emotional and career needs.Emotions and careers are two necessities for normal people. In general, men pay more attention to career development when they are young, and gradually lean towards emotions in middle age (especially after 50 years old); women in turn, in turn, increase with ageMore eager to make a difference in career.Objectively speaking, Charlie has always been self-centered, and Nicole initially neglected it selectively for love and to meet emotional needs.The self-swallowing is both the result of the husband’s neglect and the result of his own neglect.Derailment is not the cause of the marriage crisis, but on the contrary, if “Marriage Story” appears as a gossip of ordinary Chinese people on social tools and forums, please comment, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 will call Charlie “scumbag”.He was scolded and bloodied.We use the law of maintaining intimacy to see that he may have to bear more responsibilities in the breakdown of marriage.The best state of marriage is that both people can develop themselves freely to meet their own psychological needs. It is dangerous to sacrifice one side and complete the other side’s marriage.Nicole expressed her request many times. Charlie could not hear or see her presence, and she found many seemingly reasonable excuses for refusing her request, but they were all pierced by Nicole.Stills of “Marriage Story”.Is Charlie really evil?Nicole violated the consensus of the two people “not looking for a lawyer” and asked for a lawyer behind Charlie on the grounds that “you are derailed”.During the quarrel between the two, Charlie said it was after you had not slept with me for two years.The essence of the problem lies behind this statement: two years ago, the marriage had been in trouble, and the derailment was after the marriage cracked.Cheating is cheating. Charlie must have done something wrong. However, the cause and effect relationship is not the derailment that caused the marriage crisis, but the marriage has had a major problem before it was derailed.After sorting out the order, Nicole lost the meaning of victory when he asked a lawyer, leaving only the endless pain caused by revenge.Is there a chance for the hero and heroine?It’s too late Charlie finally moved to New York to live and fulfill Nicole’s wishes after the marriage has broken down.Many netizens regard the two people’s continued affectionate interaction after the lawsuit as two people still have love. For example, Charlie helped Nicole repair the door, and Nicole embraced him when Charlie collapsed.Maybe it is, the two of them are facing the marriage problem too late.At the beginning of the film, when the couple stated each other’s strengths and love in the marriage mediator’s office, people mistakenly thought that the intimate relationship was repaired under the guidance of the marriage counselor.Really, it’s too late.When two people had a problem with their marriage two years ago, after communication, both parties felt unable to handle it and they should accept marriage counseling.The seriousness of this marriage repair is not large, mainly because both sides must sort out some of the childhood tensions brought into the marriage (they have begun to show signs when they each accused each other like same-sex parents).Charlie needs to make some concessions (he has made concessions after divorce, indicating that he can make concessions), Nicole learns to take more responsibility for his choices in marriage and career.The audience who saw tears at the end of the shoelace remembered “early discovery, early treatment”. In the future, your marriage may not be surrounded by the pain of being in love but unable to continue to live together.□ Cui Hong (column writer) editor of Sauna Night Net Wu Longzhen proofreading Li Lijun