Convenient for greed, laundry washes out the disease

Convenient for greed, laundry washes out the disease

People nowadays seem to be getting lazy, even if they use underwear, they will use a special small washing machine.

Many people will habitually choose washing powder when they are washing.

In fact, machine wash close-fitting clothing, washing powder is too irritating, it is best to choose soap powder.

Underwear can’t be washed with other clothes. If you use a washing machine, it is better to wash it separately.

  Intimate underwear is recommended to be hand-washed (with soap), it is best to choose soap powder, do not put it in the washing machine, easy to be contaminated by other clothes.

  Soap powder is a washing product of powdered soap.

The principle of soap powder decontamination is the same as soap, physical, pure natural, low irritant, and it also retains the good detergency of soap.

Moreover, the natural decontaminating active ingredient added to the soap powder can also protect the fabric, and the washed clothes can be fluffy and soft without using a softener, and solve the problem that the fabric is deposited and hardened after multiple washings, hardening, and static electricity, and the like.Better than washing powder.

In addition, the foam produced by the soap powder washing is small, the washing is easier to rinse, the residual substances are irritated to the skin, and the water is saved, which is a two-fold effect.

  Of course, when using pesticides daily, you should also choose the appropriate cleaning products according to the nature of the clothes.

Generally, natural soap powder is more suitable for washing close-fitting clothing, infants’ underwear and diapers, etc., laundry liquid is more suitable for washing soft clothes, washing powder is more suitable for cleaning denim clothes, heavy coats and curtains, sofa covers, etc.

  Correct washing and drying methods for underwear: Hand washing should pay special attention to the washing of the cup bra. First, pour the neutral detergent into water at about room temperature (about 25 degrees Celsius).


After soaking for about 3 minutes, you can tap and rub it by hand, then gently press out the sewage pool, remember not to scrub hard, otherwise it will be washed a few times!

Many women may want to wash a little, but I don’t know how to wash the underwear!


After washing, look for a large towel to absorb the water, the better the better.


If you want your mold cup products to last for a long time, the next step is very important: after drying the water, you must manipulate the inner lining between the sponge and the face cloth—-covering the cotton cloth and shaping it to ensure the mold.The cup of the cup bra is flat, so that your cup bra can be worn for a long time.

  The machine wash must be placed in a laundry bag.

Before starting to clean, in the dirty place, first use the special stain remover for underwear to decontaminate it. If there is a zipper on the underwear, it must be pulled well. It is important to hook the back hook.

If it is a style that can remove the shoulder strap, it is best to remove the shoulder strap to avoid the delicate lace when cleaning.

Light and dark try to clean separately.

  The method of drying the underwear is also to pay attention: a.

Before drying, the surface of the cup is smoothed and the inside is also leveled.


Avoid damage to the shoulder strap elasticity and hang the bra heart.


Hang the wet underwear in a ventilated place to avoid direct sunlight.

  Remind you: New underwear must be rinsed with water several times before wearing.

  Everyone knows that as a clothing, formaldehyde can be used continuously.

Formaldehyde, commonly known as formalin, is a disinfectant, antiseptic, and astringent agent.

A small amount of formaldehyde is added to textiles and clothing. Because it is rarely contained, it does not cause any harm to the human body, but a very small number of people with allergies are prone to cause allergic dermatitis.

In addition, the clothes will be contaminated with many dust and germs during the production process. The clothing and color contain various chemical components, which are pathogenic and allergens.

  Experts remind everyone that new clothes should not be worn directly, especially in underwear. After rinsing with water, they should be dried in a ventilated place. The replacement can remove the dust generated during the production process, and at the same time, the formaldehyde contained in the clothes can be exhausted.May volatilize to avoid allergies.

If you have an allergic condition, don’t buy your own medicine. You should go to the hospital to do an allergen check and symptomatic treatment.

  Small details when washing clothes Some people wash clothes, save water, usually wash underwear first, then wash outer clothes, then wash socks and other debris, wash a basin in the end, dirty and black.

Although this guarantees the cleanliness of some clothes, the clothes that are finally washed are very polluted.In particular, socks and women’s underwear are too dangerous to be mixed, which can cause female genital diseases.

Some people save the map conveniently, put all the changed clothes into the washing machine and wash them together. In the process of mixing and rubbing the washing machine, the bacteria, color and substitute fiber on the clothes are instead polluted.

Getting the laundry in the dry cleaners is more complicated, with healthy people, patients, and perhaps infectious diseases.

  Some bad businesses cut corners for profit, eliminating the need for disinfection and treatment, and can also lead to disease transmission.

  Some people’s washing machines never wash, as long as they turn around, they always wash. The inner wall of the drainage area is full of cloth dust and dirt, which breeds too much virus and bacteria.

These dirt and bacteria can get into the clothes during the laundry process.

  Too many people think that the clothes are too dirty, or that the replacement is cheap, the detergent is often used excessively, and the rinsing time is not enough, and the filter often remains on the clothes.

Most of the cosmetics are alkyl benzene compounds, which have certain irritation to the skin and will affect liver function.

  The pesticides used in dry cleaning are mostly tetrachloroethylene, gasoline, etc., which are also harmful to human health.

According to the normal regulations, the clothes after dry cleaning should be dried and air-dried, and these chemical vapors can be evaporated before they can be worn.

  Are these the laundry mistakes you often make?

So, what is the correct laundry method?

  In order to prevent cross-contamination during the laundry process from damaging human health, it is best to wash the clothes of each person separately. At least the children and adults should be washed separately. For healthy people, the clothes of the patients should be washed separately; underwear and outer clothes should be washed separately;Dirty clothes, too dirty clothes to wash separately; bras, underwear, socks are best to carry and wash separately; do not put too much detergent when washing, need to rinse more, especially underwear should be like this; dry clothes get backTo fully dry, wait until the chemical detergent is completely evaporated before wearing it; the washing machine should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

  What should I pay attention to when the washing machine is used up?

  The diligent ladies washed their clothes, except to wipe the inside and outside of the washing machine, and closed the door, even putting a cover on the outside.

As everyone knows, closing the door of the washing machine is not conducive to the evaporation of residual moisture, but also easy to breed mold and endanger the health of the family.

  People may not notice that there is a bucket outside the washing machine’s tub, and the washing water will flow back and forth between the two barrels.

The interlayer is not easy to clean, and a long time will attach a large amount of dirt.

These soils contain a variety of pathogenic bacteria and molds that multiply and transform in a deviating environment.

When washing, mold spores spread with water and can contaminate clothes and spread to the human body, causing itchy skin, allergies, and even dermatitis.

  The special test conducted by the Osaka Institute of Environmental Research in Japan on 153 household washing machines confirmed that the washing machine is a breeding ground for mold: after 15 minutes of water being injected into the washing machine barrel, the number of molds per liter of water can reach up to 4566;After 5 months, the mold in the inner bucket began to increase significantly and was parasitic in the dirt in the interlayer; the washing machine opened after the laundry was 40% less than the unopened mold.

  Therefore, the door should be opened after washing the clothes with the washing machine.

The pulsator washing machine with the top opening should dry the water with a dry rag. The drum washing machine with the side opening should also dry the water in the gasket at the door.

When not in use, the filter bag should be removed and allowed to dry outside.

  How to get rid of the dirt in the washing machine?

  The washing machine has been in use for a long time, and the dirt hidden between the inner tub and the outer tub cannot be removed. In the washing process, the seemingly clean clothes have actually been contaminated again.

  Remove the dirt from the washing machine can be combined with “earth” and “foreign”.

Foreign law is to buy a special cleaning agent for washing machines in the supermarket. According to the service life of the washing machine, after adding a proper amount of powder and warm water for a few hours, it can be removed.

  If you can’t buy a special cleaning agent, you can also use the soil method: according to the capacity of the washing machine, half a bottle to a bottle of edible vinegar, pour into the inner drum of the washing machine, warm the water to 3/4 barrels high, soak for 2 hours, then start the washing machineDoes it turn 10?
20 minutes, then you will find a lot of dirt in a fragmented displacement.

After the dirty water is drained, put half a bucket of water, add 1/4 bottle of “84 disinfectant”, turn on the washing machine for 10 minutes, then let off the water, then add water to let the washing machine rinse clean.