The harm of colitis can not be ignored. Be careful and turn into colon cancer in the late stage!

The harm of colitis can not be ignored. Be careful and turn into colon cancer in the late stage!

Many patients think that colitis is more than a previous stomach, and several rows of “poison”.

As long as you pay attention to it, you can still accept your own situation.

It is precisely because many patients have insufficient understanding of colitis, patients are paralyzed and not actively treated.

So what is the danger of colitis?

Vigilance: the harm of colitis 1, a large number of blood in the stool and blood in the stool is one of the main clinical manifestations of this disease, the number of blood in the stool is also an indicator of the severity of the disease.

The large amount of blood in the stool mentioned here refers to a large amount of intestinal bleeding in a short period of time, accompanied by rapid pulse increase, blood pressure drop and hemoglobin decrease, requiring blood transfusion therapy.

2, intestinal fissure occurs in a wide range of lesions, the duration of the disease lasted more than 5-25 years, the site is more common in the left colon, sigmoid colon or rectal cancer, clinically generally asymptomatic, can cause intestinal fistula in severe cases, in this diseaseWhen bowel contraction occurs, be alert to the tumor and identify benign or malignant.

3, intestinal perforation is a complication of toxic intestinal dilatation, can also occur severe, mostly in the left colon, the application of corticosteroids is considered a risk factor for intestinal perforation.

4, toxic bowel dilatation This is a serious complication of this disease, mostly in patients with colitis, death can be as high as 44%, clinical manifestations of rapid deterioration of the disease, obvious symptoms of poisoning, accompanied by diarrhea, abdominal tenderness and anti-Jumping pain, bowel sounds weakened or disappeared, too many white blood cells, easy to have intestinal perforation.

5, about 5% of the late colon stage of late changes, more common in complications involving the entire colon, early onset and medical history of more than 10 years.

Common Symptoms of Colitis 1. Diarrhea: This is an early symptom of colitis that often recurs.

2, abdominal pain: patients with different weight of abdominal pain, mainly in the phenomenon of left stomach pain, often accompanied by urgency and heavy, abdominal pain → intentions → defecation → relief characteristics.

3, constipation: patients sometimes diarrhea and constipation, often constipation for four or five days of bowel movements, it is like a sheep-like shape.

4, other symptoms: some patients will show abdominal distension, fatigue, weight loss, bowel sounds, etc., severe patients will have fever, rapid heartbeat, anemia, need to pay attention.

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