Health foods that men and women cannot do without

Health foods that men and women cannot do without

According to statistics, 4 of the top 10 causes of death in men are related to diet, including cancer, cerebrovascular disease, heart disease and diabetes.

The following 13 foods are good for men’s health, and it is recommended that men take more.

  Ten health foods that men need: No.

1 The sour taste of tomato tomatoes can promote the secretion of gastric juice, help digestion of proteins, etc., and the rich vitamin C can combine the relationship between cells to produce collagen and strengthen blood vessels.


2 Soybeans Many people know that soy beans have plant hormones, which are good for women. I don’t know that soybeans are also excellent food for men.

For example, Japanese men who often eat soy products are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer than Western men.

And soy beans are just as effective in improving bone loss in men.

When a man is 60 years old, his bones will begin to lose and the situation is as serious as that of menopausal women.

And eating more soy beans can supplement lecithin, which has been shown to be associated with short-term memory and learning.


3 pumpkin seeds males after the age of 40, most people have problems with prostate hypertrophy.

An American experiment found that taking the extract of pumpkin seeds in patients with enlarged prostates did reduce the frequency of urinary frequency and other symptoms.

And pumpkin seeds are also the best source of vitamin E, anti-aging.

Pumpkin seeds can be bought in general supermarkets. Some products are mixed with a variety of nuts, can be sprinkled on salads, or eat as snacks on weekdays.


4 Carrot B-carotene will change into vitamin A in the body, enhance the body’s resistance, and inhibit reactive oxygen species that cause cell deterioration.

In addition, because it is rich in potassium, it has the effect of lowering blood pressure, and the dietary fiber can exert the function of the whole intestine.

Carrots rich in B-carotene are also popular because they prevent cancer.


5 seafood seafood can enhance sexual ability.

Male semen contains a lot of zinc, when the body’s zinc is insufficient, it will affect the quantity and quality of sperm.

The seafood in the food, shrimp, crab, the most abundant zinc, a small sputum is almost equal to the demand for zinc in one day (15 mg).

  In addition, due to blood sugar glycogen or taurine, it has the effect of improving liver function and nourishing and strengthening the body.


6 Garlic garlic has a strong bactericidal power, so it can eliminate the bacteria invading the body.

In addition, it promotes the absorption of vitamin B1, promotes the metabolism of sugars to produce energy, and eliminates fatigue.

Another function of garlic that cannot be ignored is to boost immunity.

Lead selenide contained in garlic has an antioxidant effect and is therefore considered a food for cancer prevention.

More men can improve their physical fitness and strengthen themselves.


7 high vitamin C food male quality and quantity of sperm after the age of 24 are going downhill, if there is a kind of sperm that can be metabolized by the old medicine is re-energized, it is vitamin C.

The results of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Texas in the United States showed that after taking 60 mg of vitamin C per day for men, their sperm count increased by 60%, their mobility increased by 30%, and abnormal sperm decreased.


8 whole wheat bread is stressful. Men often sprint their careers without sleep, and the pressure can’t be relaxed. They use tobacco and alcohol to cover up fatigue and reduce stress.

To fight stress, the vitamin B group is very important.

This includes B1, B2, B6, B12 and folic acid, niacin, etc., which can maintain the stability of the nervous system, increase the metabolism of energy, and help fight stress.

Whole-grain foods such as whole-grain bread, coarse rice, and germ rice are rich in vitamin B groups.And whole wheat bread is a complex carbohydrate that can release energy slowly, has a calming effect, makes people relax, not nervous.


9 Water Human brain is 75% water. The first organism affected by dehydration is the brain. Too little water will make people fatigue and slow response.

Drink at least two bottles of mineral water (about 2000 ml) in one day.

Drinking water, are you really going to?


10 deep sea fish pressure, but also men with hyperlipidemia, the age of stroke is reduced.

Omega 3 fatty acids in deep-sea fish can prevent blood from clotting, reduce vasoconstriction, and lower triglycerides, which are particularly beneficial for cardiovascular vessels.

Fish with Omega 3 fatty acids above include flowerfish, saury, grouper, squid, etc., which can be replaced, but remember to eat fish at least twice a week.


11 green tea green tea may have vitamin C not found in black tea.

Vitamin C is a nutrient that is essential for preventing colds and skin.

In addition, it can prevent aging glutamate, enhance the immunity of aspartic acid, and nourish and strengthen the amino acids.

It also has diuretic, anti-stress effects, caffeine with lifting effect, and flavonoids for lowering blood pressure.


12 Red wine, if you have to drink, drink red wine.

Because the anti-oxidant polyphenols in the grape skin of red wine are left in the wine, it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease; and compared with all kinds of wines, the wine of the wine (the substance that rises in the alkaline body with uric acid) is equivalent.low.
In addition, red wine can enhance antioxidant activity to prevent arteriosclerosis.

According to the results of recent research, it is also an indispensable drink for the elderly in society.

However, the wine still has water, and the dietitian recommends that it be controlled below 60cc per day.


13 leeks men should always eat leeks, but can not eat more each time, otherwise it may cause diarrhea.

  Amaranth is a perennial herb of the family Liliaceae. It is used as a seed and leaf.

It has the functions of strengthening the stomach, refreshing, antiperspirant and solid phlegm, tonifying the kidney and helping the yang, solidifying and so on.

There is also a saying called: Viagra.

  Eating for the Spring Festival is good for the liver.

The quality of amaranth in the early spring season is the best, followed by the late autumn, the worst in summer, with the saying that “the spring food is fragrant and the summer food is smelly”.

  Ten kinds of health foods that women need: Now people’s material needs are basically satisfied, so more people pay attention to health. Here are ten kinds of health foods that are very useful for women.

  1, brain protection: spinach because of the possession of carotene and superoxide dismutase and other ingredients “reducing food”, can prevent the deformation of the blood vessels and protect the brain.

What is “restore food”?

Expert research believes that spinach bears the brunt.

Usually amaranth, onion, peas, tomatoes, carrots, small greens, soybeans, garlic leaves and other vegetables, walnuts, peanuts, pistachios, cashews, pine nuts, almonds and other shell foods, as well as peanuts, pork liver soup, etc. are worthUse when you make up your brain.

  2, eye protection: sweet potato vitamin A is known as “eye guardian”, if the human body lacks it, the ability of the eye to feel weak light will decline, the ability to adapt to the dark environment will also decline, severely susceptible to night blindness.
  Vitamin A is made from the conversion of carotene.

In addition to carrots, sweet potato can also be rich in carotene, can provide rich vitamin A, can improve vision, and often eat sweet potato is good for the skin.

  3, hair care: kelp talking about hair care food, you may know a lot, such as black sesame seeds that can make hair black, ginger that can make hair grow, or walnuts that can make hair shine.

But do you know who is the all-around champion of food care?

It is kelp. Nutrition experts believe that regular consumption of kelp can not only supplement the body’s iodine, but also have special effects on hair growth, moisturizing and radiance.

  4, protect the lungs: tomato UK’s latest research found that eating tomatoes more than 3 times a week can prevent respiratory diseases, protect the infection of the lungs implanted in the lungs.

However, the content of lycopene is inversely proportional to the content of soluble sugar in tomato. The more unsweetened tomatoes, the lycopene content is reached.  5, leggings: bananas rich in potassium is the number one in the food “beautiful leg master”, it contains a rich amount of potassium can help you reduce leg muscles and prevent leg cramps.

The second-ranked “beautiful leg” is celery, which has a large amount of colloidal calcium carbonate, which is easily absorbed by the body, can supplement the calcium required for the legs, and can prevent edema in the lower body.

  6, care: deep sea fish German experts have published such a set of experiments to prove: insist on eating 50 grams of fish a day, can reduce the incidence of heart disease by 40%, especially to eat deep-sea fish is better.

The unsaturated fatty acids contained in fish are commonly known as “good feces”. They can act as a natural anticoagulant helper to lower blood pressure, inhibit excitability of the heart muscle, slow heart rate, and protect the heart.

  7, kidney protection: black beans since ancient times black beans are known as “kidney valley”, and black beans from the appearance, you will find its shape is similar to the human kidney.

Usually it is sweet and flat, Chinese medicine believes that it also has the effect of strengthening the kidney and strengthening the body, promoting blood circulation, detoxification and moisturizing, especially suitable for kidney deficiency.

  8, stomach protection: cabbage blue cabbage is one of the best vegetables recommended by the World Health Organization, known as the natural “stomach.”

For people with stomach ulcers and duodenal ulcers, doctors will recommend eating more cabbage.

You can also mix the cabbage with honey every day. This method has the effect of promoting ulcer healing.

  9, armor: eggs healthy nails are pink because there is excess blood supply.

If the nail changes abnormally, it is often caused by lack of nutrition or other potential symptoms.

A high-protein diet is essential for maintaining healthy nails, and eggs are a good source of protein.

  10, skin care: broccoli is not only rich in nutrients, tastes very good, is also a famous “anti-cancer warrior”, especially in gastric cancer, cancer, skin cancer is particularly effective.

It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C and carotene, which can enhance the skin’s ability to resist damage and maintain skin elasticity.