The three big fruits that must be eaten are antihypertensive, and many people don’t know.

The three big fruits that must be eaten are antihypertensive, and many people don’t know.

If you are worried about not knowing what to eat, then come to the small editor’s recommendation.

Apple: blood pressure, anti-cancer, curing blood vessels Apple is a full range of healthy fruit, because apple nutrition is very rich, very complete, and some very distinctive: 1, the whole generation of apple replacement fiber, can promote gastrointestinal motility, purification in the middleBody, prevention of constipation and the occurrence of colorectal cancer.

2, hypolipidemic apple is rich in pectin, can absorb blood plasma, increase plasma metabolism, reduce blood lipids, prevent arteriosclerosis, maintain cardiovascular system and other functions.

3, the anti-cancer fruit of malic acid, it has the effect of astringent gastrointestinal, can prevent diarrhea and constipation, help anti-oxidation, avoid cell cancer, can repair damaged cells and prevent cancer.

4, lowering blood pressure Apple’s potassium ions can maintain the body’s electrolyte and acid-base balance, eliminate excess sodium ions, and effectively prevent high blood pressure.

Does the apple eat before meals or after meals?

Studies have shown that eating fruits after a meal is easily blocked by the food that is first eaten in the stomach, and there are symptoms such as swelling gas and constipation, which have adverse effects on digestion.

The combination of crystalline acid and protein in apples produces precipitated acid proteins that are not easily digestible, leading to bloating of the stomach.

Therefore, it is better to eat apples two hours after a meal.

After eating an apple in 15 minutes, it is best to eat apples and pay attention to chewing slowly. This is even beneficial for digestion, and more importantly, to maintain oral hygiene.

If an apple can be eaten in fifteen minutes, the organic acids and fruit acids in the apple can kill the bacteria in the mouth.

Therefore, eating apples slowly is good for the health of the human body.

What kind of person is suitable for eating apples?

Most people can eat, especially suitable for infants and middle-aged and elderly; suitable chronic gastritis, indigestion, qi stagnation patients; suitable for constipation, chronic diarrhea, neurogenic enteritis patients; suitable for hypertension, high blood lipidsIt is eaten by obese patients; it is suitable for obese people to eat and is good for weight loss.

Banana: prevention and control of high blood pressure, stroke, laxative statement, after the birth of Sakyamuni, do not eat greasy things, do not eat whole grains, eat fruit, eat the most bananas, so some people say bananas as wisdomRoad fruit.

Bananas are “civilians” in tropical fruits. They are cheap, sweet and delicious. They are “frequent customers” in the fruit plate of the people, but do you know the benefits of eating bananas?

1, high blood pressure, because bananas are rich in potassium, excessive sodium ions are discharged, so that blood pressure is lowered.

Another blood-lowering ion is calcium, so if you cut the banana into a small piece, put it in a blender with milk called calcium, and then turn it into a cup of the best anti-hypertensive juice.

2, prevention and relief of constipation banana contains a lot of fiber, can stimulate gastrointestinal motility, increase stool volume, help defecation.

Chinese medicine reminds that fasting should not eat bananas.

3, eating bananas can alleviate depressed bananas containing substances that can help the brain produce serotonin, can make people’s moods become pleasant, eliminate pain and depression, bananas also have a smoothing and antidiarrheal effect.

In addition, the banana skin is rich in potassium and magnesium, which are indispensable substances in the human body, which can calm nerves and thus sleep.

I recommend you a small recipe for banana peel: banana boiled water, let you know that you only need to prepare bananas, water and a little cinnamon to solve the problem of insomnia.

First, boil the water, remove the banana handle, peel the skin, and then put the pulp into the boiling water together with the banana peel and cook for about 10 minutes.

Filter it, put a little cinnamon in the brewed tea, and then you can drink it.

The flesh left after filtration can also be eaten, which is good for the body.

If you are also damaged by insomnia, or if someone is insomnia around, be sure to try this method.

Note: The potassium content of banana is relatively high. For some chronic nephritis, renal insufficiency should be eaten less, or even eaten. Because potassium is not high, it will form high potassium. High potassium is not good for health.

Kumquat: Protecting blood vessels, the tea is perfect for kumquat not only looks small and cute, but also has a high nutritional value.

As early as in ancient times, kumquat was recorded in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” with its unique medicinal value, saying that it is thirst-quenching, stomach-fastening, phlegm and so on. In fact, in addition to these effects, kumquat can prevent it.Cold, maintain cardiovascular function, prevent hardening of the blood vessels, etc.

Kumquat fruit is rich in vitamin C, kumquat body and other ingredients, which have certain effects on maintaining cardiovascular function, preventing hardening of the arteries, hypertension and other diseases.

We know that tea is also a healthy drink, and it is very good to make tea with kumquat!

Kumquat tea, the effect is improved by 13 times. The best tea is tea polyphenol, but this tea polyphenol, after drinking inside the body, the body’s absorption rate is not very high, but there is a trick, put aSmall kumquat can increase the absorption rate of tea polyphenols, which can be increased by 13 times!

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