Popcorn eats more people will be stupid

Popcorn eats more people will be stupid

People take nutrition from food every day.

However, some foods are called “deteriorating foods” and they tend to become stupid.

Popcorn, preserved eggs, and fritters are typical “deterioration foods.”

  Director Lu Lili of the Nutrition Department of the Armed Police General Hospital pointed out that if the food contains lead, aluminum, etc., it may lead to memory loss, mental decline, and slow thinking.

Types of food include popcorn, preserved eggs, fritters, fans, jelly, oil cakes, etc.

Other foods can improve the taste, extend the storage time, add preservatives, pigments, flavorings, etc., and also cause harm to the brain, such as canned food, caffeinated beverages, bubble gum, cakes containing artificial colors, etc.People who eat have irritability, inattention, memory loss, and unresponsiveness.

  So, what can you eat for puzzles?

Experts suggest that kelp, especially deep sea kelp, cardamom, tofu, orange, kiwi are good brain foods.

Coarse grains, liver, fish, lean meat, milk, egg supplementation with folic acid, vitamin B, calcium, magnesium, can significantly improve memory, reduce headache caused by brain use, memory loss and so on.