Doorway culture|Dushan jade: color and land, fine and dense

Doorway culture|Dushan jade: color and land, fine and dense

Doorway Tip: On the third day of the lunar calendar, Dushanyu is also known as the unique jade. It is one of the four famous jade in China. It is known as the jade carving of Nanyang. It is an important jade carving material.

It is named after the Dushan, which is produced in Nanyang City, Henan Province. It is also called “Nanyangyu” or “Henan Yu”, also referred to as “Jiyu”.

Today, the doorway king said the story of Dushan jade.

Jade China is known as the “land of jade”, and the ancients regarded jade as treasure.

It is rumored that the dynasty of the dynasty, the emperor’s ancestors did not leave the jade; the jade is like the Song Huizong; the jade town is like the Yang Guifei; the jade face is like the Empress Dowager. The ancient book of the motherland is called: the beauty of the jade stone, the sweetness is notpoison.

The qigong masters of all genres unanimously believe that the human body has the three treasures of “fine, qi, and god”, and the use of “qi” is particularly prominent, and the jade stone is the most abundant material of the “qi”. Dushan jade is unique in color and delicate in texture.Transparent and shiny, high hardness.

Dushan jade is rich in color and unevenly distributed. It is thick and light. The same jade is often mixed with different colors due to different mineral combinations. This is the main feature of Dushan jade.

It is less than 30 years old and is increasingly rare.

Dushan Yunan Yangyu is also known as Dushanyu.

It is a kind of jade with a variety of minerals with complex composition. It is hard and delicate, mainly plagioclase, as well as slightly sapphire, epidote, hornblende, diopside, etc., based on green, purple and white.Often in a variety of colors, Yugong embodies different items according to its natural color, suitable for the “fancy” process.

Nanyang Jade has a long history of mining and use.

Dushan Yu Dushan jade is famous for its main production in Nanyang Dushan.

Dushan is located in the northeast of Nanyang City.

Dushan jade is tough and delicate, delicate and soft, with variegated color, warm and moist, green, blue, yellow, purple, red, white and six kinds of pigments, 77 color types, is an important jade raw material for arts and crafts carvings, and becomes Nanyang.Famous specialty is one of the four famous jade in China.

Dushan jade carving has a long history and archaeological projections. As early as 5,000 years ago, the ancestors had already known and used Dushan jade.

In the old China, Nanyang jade carving has formed a large industry, and there are more than 80 workshops in the city.

Dushan Yu Dushan jade has been mined for thousands of years and has been covered with mountains.

The ancient jade pits are mostly vertical, generally larger and shallower.

The use of blasting technology and rock drills, mining vehicles and other equipment, the tunnel has been deep to the mountains up to tens of meters, the dense branches of the spider web are criss-crossed, very complicated.

Dushan jade from the point of view of affordable perspective, Dushan jade should have greater potential than other jade species such as jade, because the market jade or other jade species are mostly carved pieces with many pieces, a snake year pendant, are a sectionIn the same way, there may be hundreds of pieces of capital goods that are the same.

But Dushan jade is different, even if it is the same carving, because the jade jade quality, the color is different and different, if you find a good one, each piece can be said to be the only one in the world.

Dushan jade is a collection of value and appreciation potential for collections.

At the same time, compared with the price of other jade species, the market price of the unique jade is relatively cheaper. Its price has only just been heated in the past two or three years. It belongs to the initial stage and is a “potential stock”.

With the gradual rise of its unique jade boom, the appreciation space will become larger, and the cognitive can be understood.