[Can pregnant women eat North Quantum]_Pregnancy_Contraindications

[Can pregnant women eat North Quantum]_Pregnancy_Contraindications

North quanta was again hypertensive with astragalus. Because astragalus generally grows in the north, it was also killed by northern morphine.

Artichoke is a herbaceous plant. It has certain medicinal effects. Traditional Chinese medicine often uses astragalus to make decoction.

Astragalus can clear heat and detoxify, and it is a very good supplement for the human body.

Because it is a pure natural herb, it is good for the human body.

Let ‘s see if pregnant women can eat North Quantum?

Astragalus, also known as cotton silk.

Herbs perennial, 50-100 cm tall.

Main roots are thick, woody, often branched, off-white.

Stems erect, branched upper, thinly ribbed, white pilose.

Herbs perennial, 50-100 cm tall.
Produced in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Gansu, Heilongjiang and other places.

Astragalus has a history of drug compatibility for more than 2,000 years. It has enhanced immune function, liver protection, diuretic, anti-aging, anti-stress, antihypertensive and broader antibacterial effects.

However, empirical evidence, such as qi stagnation and dampness, stagnant food, stagnation of heat and poison, and yin deficiency and yang hyperactivity must be banned.

Due to long-term large-scale excavation, the amount of wild astragalus has decreased sharply in recent years, and there is a danger of extinction.

Therefore, the plant is determined to be a gradual endangered species, a national third-level protected plant.

Astragalus’s nutritional value Astragalus is a natural product often eaten by the common people. The folk circulates “Drinking Astragalus Decoction, Preventing Diseases and Keeping Health”, which means that Astragalus and Qiongzhen Lingzhi decoction or soaking tea is used instead.Has a good role in disease prevention and health care.

Astragalus and ginseng are both qi-enriching medicines. Ginseng focuses on nourishing vitality and resuscitates Yang. It is often used in emergencies such as collapse and shock, and has better results.

The yellow quantum is mainly tonic, which is often used in those with long physical decline, weak speech and weak pulse.

Some people are susceptible to catching a cold when the weather changes. Traditional Chinese medicine calls it “stubbornness.” Astragalus can be used to fix the surface. Taking yellow witches regularly can avoid frequent colds.

Efficacy and role of astragalus. Modern medical research shows that astragalus can enhance the body’s immune function, protect liver, diuretic, anti-aging, anti-stress, antihypertensive and broad antibacterial effects.

Can eliminate experimental nephritis proteinuria, enhance myocardial contractility, and regulate blood sugar content.

Astragalus can expand coronary arteries at both ends, improve myocardial blood supply, improve immune function, and can delay the process of cell aging.

Astragalus is easy to eat, can be decoction, decoction, dipping wine, etc.

Can pregnant women eat astragalus?

Can eat.

The function of Astragalus is to nourish qi and nourish the vital element, recuperate and dispel evil spirits, nourish the heart and clear the pulse, strengthen the spleen and dampness, and pregnant women can eat astragalus.

But also pay attention to the dosage, it is best to consult a doctor before deciding whether to take it.

However, there are too many pregnant women in labor. After eating astragalus in pregnant women, too many people cause late pregnancy, and the fetus is too large, resulting in dystocia.

Astragalus also has a diuretic effect. Through diuresis, the amniotic fluid is relatively reduced, which will prolong the labor process.