Hubao promotes the independent Chronic Disease Mutual Assistance Program, and the users in the mutual assistance industry are subdivided into trends

Hubao promotes the independent “Chronic Disease Mutual Assistance Program”, and the users in the mutual assistance industry are subdivided into trends
Following the Major Disease Mutual Assistance Program and the Elderly Cancer Prevention Program, on May 13, the mutual assistance community “Huabao” released the third independent mutual assistance program, called the “Chronic Disease Mutual Assistance Program.”In the same industry, Water Drop Mutual Assistance has also launched three major mutual assistance programs, focusing on healthy people, patients, and comprehensive accidents.Yin Ming, vice president of Ant Group and president of Alipay Insurance Business Group, said that the group of people will be the trend of the mutual assistance industry, and then Hubao will launch new mutual assistance plans one after another, so that more reasons cannot be fully guaranteed for various reasonsPeople can help each other and help each other to keep warm.According to the “White Paper on the Network Mutual Assistance Industry” released by the United Nations and the Ant Group Research Institute, the actual number of participants in the network mutual assistance platform in 2019 will be 1.5 billion, is expected to reach 4 in 2025.500 million people, covering about 32% of China ‘s 1.4 billion people.Shao Xiaodong, senior director of Ant Group and general manager of Hubao Group, also believes that the mutual assistance of different groups can accurately meet the security needs of different groups and improve the overall health security of the people.Chronic diseases generally refer to diseases that require long-term treatment and are difficult to completely cure.Hypertension, diabetes, nephritis, coronary heart disease, etc. are all the most common chronic diseases.Public data show that the scale of China’s chronic patient population exceeds 300 million, but there are few guarantee products for the chronic patient population in the city, and the products of the health threat category will become “outdoors” from the chronic patient population.Regarding the on-line “Chronic Disease Mutual Assistance Program”, Shao Xiaodong said that the chronic disease mutual assistance program continues to use the “one person is sick, everyone pays” mutual assistance model, specifically for the three highs, cardiovascular disease, some hepatitis, nephritis and other 8 majorGroup of chronic patients is open.According to the information publicized by the Ant Group, in this plan, the protection limit for users under 39 years old is 300,000, and for users between 40-59 years old is 100,000.Like Hubao, the Chronic Disease Mutual Assistance Program will also publicize all cases. On the 7th, 21st of each month is the publicity day, and the 14th and 28th are deductions.Liang Yueping, the product owner of Hubao’s “Chronic Disease Mutual Aid Program”, analyzed by the waiting period and the law of large numbers, the “Chronic Disease Mutual Aid Program”, like Hubao, will also experience a low to high amortization, and eventually stableThe “climbing” process.”We predict that the annual contribution of the Chronic Disease Mutual Assistance Program is not expected to exceed 188 yuan.”Editor Xu Chao proofreading Liu Baoqing