Don’t be afraid of cervical spondylosis, just apply a thick old salt, apply it every day, the cervical vertebra does not hurt, the real spirit

Don’t be afraid of cervical spondylosis, just apply a thick old salt, apply it every day, the cervical vertebra does not hurt, the real spirit

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Nowadays, people will have some cervical vertebra problems more or less. Because of the popularity of electronic products, almost everyone is playing with mobile phones, and there are people who work for a long time. Poor postures cause excessive stress on the cervical spine, leading to cervical spondylosis.The patient population is also growing.

What is even more frightening is that many people do not know that they have cervical spondylosis, and when the symptoms are obvious, they have reached the advanced stage.

Today, Xiaobian came to introduce a few small remedies for relieving cervical spondylosis. It is simple and practical, so collect it quickly!

1, coarse salt + ginger + onion section This method is very simple, prepare 5 pounds of coarse salt, a large piece of ginger (at least 100 grams), a scallion, gauze bag.

Slice the ginger and scallion, put the salt into the pot and stir fry repeatedly. When the color is yellow, put the chopped green onion and continue to stir fry for ten minutes.

After the frying, check out the onion ginger, then put the coarse salt into the bag (with a towel) and apply the affected area.

Note: Ginger can be used twice or three times, and can only be used once.

Both ginger and onion have the effect of dispelling cold and spreading phlegm. The external application of heated coarse salt to the cervical vertebra can relieve the soreness.

Two times in the morning and evening, for one month, cervical spondylosis can be improved.

2, loofah seeds + liquor this recipe requires 250 grams of loofah seeds, white wine amount.

Put the peeled loofah seeds in the pot and stir fry, remember to use a small fire, wait until the color turns yellow, put it into the blender to pulverize the powder, you can use it.

Need to cooperate with white wine, about 5 grams each time, mix well with white wine and then serve, twice a day, adhere to a week, can effectively relieve cervical soreness, dizziness and so on.

If you want to recover soon, it is not enough to rely on these two remedies.

External application of traditional Chinese medicine has been widely used in recent years. It is safe and harmless, and it is characterized by the selection of a variety of rare herbs, so that it can be infiltrated into the skin by the traditional method.It can effectively eliminate the silicosis and edema of the intervertebral disc, thereby repairing the atrophic fibrous ring and cartilage tissue and restoring the cervical vertebrae to health.

Zehetang paste is a pure Chinese medicine formula. It has a unique curative effect on lumbar vertebrae, cervical vertebrae and arthritis. The cure rate is over 90%. It is a word-of-mouth Chinese medicine patch certified by the Food and Drug Administration. It can be found online.

It is hoped that every cervical vertebra patient will be able to recover soon and return to health.

How to stay away from cervical spondylosis in daily life, 1 wear less high heels: every woman’s shoe cabinet has a pair of high heels. Although the high heels are beautiful, the long-term wear of the body’s center of gravity is excessively forward, causing the pelvis to tilt and increase the curvature of the spine.Cervical spine injury.

So for the health of the cervical spine, wear less high heels.

2, to avoid sedentary: people who often work at the desk is the most vulnerable to cervical spondylosis, because the same posture for a long time, the neck will unconsciously lean forward, affecting the normal physiological curvature, causing cervical spondylosis.

It is recommended to stand up and walk around every hour.

3, regular exercise: many sedentary people do not exercise often, leading to cervical muscle stiffness, blood stasis.

It is recommended to participate in physical exercise, such as running, brisk walking, aerobics, etc., to promote systemic blood circulation, can improve cervical strain.