Postpartum yoga to help you lose weight quickly

Postpartum yoga to help you lose weight quickly

After giving birth to a child, the most important question for women who love beauty is: Can they get slim again?

Some mothers are anxious, and just a few days after being discharged from the hospital, they have actively started to lose weight.

Their weight loss methods include dieting, taking weight loss drugs or drinks, and exercising immediately after giving birth. Are these methods effective and harmless?

The opinions of medical experts.

  Misunderstanding 1: Is dieting the best way to lose weight right after birth?

  Insufficient postpartum qi and blood, the maternal need to be excessively rich in nutrition when confinement, to get adequate rest.

Generally, a mother is afraid of being fat and does not dare to eat more. This is unhealthy for both the mother and the nursing baby.

The TCM doctor pointed out: “During pregnancy, hormones secreted and the swelling of the pregnant woman seemed to be excessive.

Chinese medicine believes that after 6 months of delivery, the water accumulated in the body during pregnancy is fully dissipated with the movement of qi and blood, and the body will naturally lose weight at this time.

People who can’t get thin are because they usually consume less energy.

“Experts recommend that women with 42 blood glucose postpartum cannot blindly diet to lose weight.

At this time, the body has not fully recovered to its pre-pregnancy level. In addition, some mothers need to breastfeed and need supplemental nutrition.

Compulsory postpartum dieting is almost useless for maternal weight loss, and it may also cause various postpartum complications.

  Eager to lose weight after birth, abdominal muscle tension intensifies abdominal pressure, causes the pelvic internal ligaments to receive pressure from above, leading to uterine prolapse, urinary incontinence and other symptoms, and these symptoms will become more significant after more than 10 years of production, and even affect womenLife is healthy, so maternal weight loss should be thought about.

  Misunderstanding 2: Doing exercise immediately after giving birth is the best way to lose weight?

  The mother does not exercise immediately, especially if the exercise method is incorrect, it will cause femoral pelvic dislocation and back pain.

  Acute exercise can easily damage the vulva wounds and bleeding, which can lead to slower uterine recovery and cause bleeding.

  Time, after 4 to 6 weeks of delivery, the mother can start postpartum weight-loss exercises. Caesarean producers need 6 to 8 weeks or a recovery period, and exercise caution when exercising.

  Myth 3: Is breastfeeding the most helpful for weight loss?

  Medical experts believe that this requires two perspectives.

  First, experts advocate breastfeeding children. Breast milk is the best natural nutrition for babies.

In addition, breastfeeding can promote uterine contraction and help the mother to recover her slim figure.

This is a positive view.

  Second, in order to give the child the best nourishment, the mother often eats well and even has excess nutrition, which causes the body to develop horizontally. Even after breastfeeding, the effect of weight loss cannot be achieved.