[Can pregnant women eat preserved eggs]_Preserved eggs_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat preserved eggs]_Preserved eggs_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Pregnant women must talk about the correct and healthy way of eating during pregnancy. In fact, during pregnancy, pregnant women are not recommended to eat preserved eggs, because preserved eggs are mainly marinated with duck eggs wrapped in soda ash and lime, which will contain lead and otherConsumption of too much material will also have a certain impact on food health.


Because preserved eggs are prepared by mixing duck eggs with soda ash, lime, salt and lead oxide, they contain lead, so if eaten regularly, they may cause lead poisoning.

This can cause insomnia, inability to concentrate, anemia, joint pain, slow thinking, and brain dysfunction.

In addition, lead will also replace calcium, affecting excessive calcium, which may cause calcium deficiency.


Preserved eggs contain too much lead. Traditional preserved eggs are coagulated with recombinant proteins. During the pickling process, some heavy metals such as lead oxide or copper should be added. If long-term consumption, lead or copper will accumulate chronically, which is not good for health.

The effect is even greater if pregnant women eat preserved eggs during pregnancy.


If the lead in the preserved egg penetrates the brain, it will directly inhibit the growth hormone secretion, causing the child’s short stature, precocious puberty, and excess.

For the health of your baby, it is best not to eat preserved eggs during pregnancy.


Preserved eggs, after pickling, various nutrients also change.

The protein content is 8 per 100 grams of fresh eggs.

7 grams, compared to 13 for Songhua preserved eggs.

1 gram, an increase of 4.

4 grams; in dirty content, fresh duck eggs contain 9 per 100 grams.

8 grams, compared to 10 for Songhua.

7 grams, up 0.

9 grams; the amount of glucose decreases by 10 per 100 grams of fresh duck eggs.

3 grams reduced to 2.

2 grams, down 8.

In terms of vitamin content, vitamin A is reduced from 1,380 SI units of fresh duck eggs to 940 SI units and 440 SI units.

So there has been a decline in nutrition.